Violent Tides

Wererats, Demons and Undead - Oh My!

After an extended rest the party moved out. Checking a door to the west and finding more stairs up, they decided to try the north door and complete this floor before going up another.

Coming to a 4-way intersection the party wasn’t sure which way to go. Sensing something to the west the party listened and noticed a faint hum from beyond the door. Opening the door they party noticed the room emanated a sense of evil, a black “sunburst” pattern was on the floor in the middle of the room and as they entered their torches seems to dim. Standing within the sunburst pattern were two zombies and two ghouls.

The two zombies went down quickly, but the ghouls were much more resilient. Using the powers of the sunburst to heal themselves only delayed their fate, as they too soon joined their fellow zombies in the final resting place within the crypt.

Moving on the party came to a room where they discovered yet another odd beast. As they moved into the room, a small demon known as an Evistro (or Carnage Demon) charged toward them only to be stopped by an invisible barrier. Somewhat relieved, but now a little cautious the party moved into the room. They heard some commotion ahead of them as two Wererats entered the room, one mumbling something that made Lilah’s skin tingle.

Sensing the aura of magic dissipating Lilah quickly used her powers of arcana… The barrier of magic was down, the Carnage Demon was now free. Starke, not being sure about this demons abilities charged it so it could not reach the rest of the party while Wemnar cut off one of the Wererat’s path.

The battle was back and forth, these foes being tougher than anything the party had met so far. As one of the Wererats lunged at Wemnar it landed a lucky blow, sinking it’s rat like teeth into him. A sense of disease washed over Wemnar instantly and he began to break out in Filth Fever.

As the battle raged on, Starke the groups mighty defender became bloodied and this seemed to put the Evistro into a rage. Seeing the amount of damage the creature was already doing and feeling this could be a problem, Wemnar switched rune aspects and healed Starke, seemingly calming the demon. This seemed to turn the tide and the party made quick work of the monsters at this point.



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