Violent Tides

Visit from a Councilmember

Awakening the next day, the group of adventurers packed their gear and set out to meet each other in the Inn’s main room. Up arriving they found Akron, the Dragonborn Warlock, sitting downstairs with his head in his hands. As they approached he handed them Olorin’s letter.

Before they could get too far into discussing what this meant and what they would do, Councilmember Eoffram Troyas entered the Inn looking for them. It would seem the news of their defeating an Ogre in town the night before had spread quickly. He asked them to return to his office with them to discuss the grave matters that had befallen the town the night before.

Agreeing, the companions returned with Troyas. He told them not only was the town vandalized during the attacks, but several rare items from the original war with the Redhand were taken from the Hall of Great Valor and seven prominent members of the City were kidnapped. After a discussion with the adventurers and being sure he could trust them, he offered them a reward for returning the relics and the kidnapped people.

He informed them of the lone hobgoblin the city guard had captured during their raid. The party members set out for the “city green” to talk with this hobgoblin and see what information that could ascertain from him. During their talks with the hobgoblin, not only did they figure out where the vermin were holed up, but they also found out this band of renegade wannabes couldn’t even manage to copy the Redhand logo properly, they were displaying it upside down.



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