Violent Tides

Pushing On

As the young band of adventures moved on, they discovered new obstacles and strange new beasts around every corner. The faced more Hobgoblins, which seems to be the norm, but this day they came across Hobgoblins using drake attack pets. The discovered a room completely covered in spiderwebs which contained a band of Ettercaps. In this room, they made the gruesome discovery of Kartenix, the guard captain’s corpse.

In this room, they also found a set of stairs going up. Taking the stairs, as the approached the top the group noticed the words “Von Adrez,” “Kauthin,” and “Crypt” carved into the top three steps. Upon entering the room they party was met by more Hobgoblins and two spitting drakes. After combat started a set of doors in the southwest corner burst in and a hideous Goblin entered the room. The goblin dropped a large cloud over the room, making it nearly impossible to see. Akron recalled reading of such vile creatures, known as a Goblin Hexer.

The party dispatched this room of creatures and found yet another city hostage in the room from where the Goblin Hexer emerged. Feeling it was safe in this room, the party sealed the door so they could take an extended rest.



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