Violent Tides

Now things are starting to get interesting...

As the party moved through the room found a small hallway that ended in double doors. Throwing caution to the wind, Starke kicked the doors in, surprising the inhabitants.

The party acted quickly, taking advantage of the surprised beasts, bloodying two Wererats before they could even act, Starke made a move for the caster near the front of the room. The caster, while having a few special abilities of his own, didn’t last very long with his two cronies now dead.

Working back through the Demons room, the party came to a long hallway lined with columns. The columns in the hall made is impossible to enter the room anything but single file, with Starke leading the way, Lilah pulling up the rear where she rarely need to move from to cast Mind Thrust, sending agonizing jolts of pain to her enemies brains.

As they entered the room and noticed the two unoccupied thrones. A low, raspy voice was heard as the closest turned to look at the party saying “Arise, my warriors” and “Intruderssssss! Consssssssume them!” the wight lisped. At that moment five piles of bones around the room came to life and readied to defend their lair.

The party made quick work of several of these smaller skeletons, only to have them reanimate the very next round. While the Wight and Boneshard skeletons were formidable, the party made pretty easy work out of them… except for a new lesson the young adveturers learned this day.

With the Wight dead, the party went to work on the larger, Boneshard Skeleton. With several of the party members hurt, the skeleton knowing his fate soon to come, had his prey in the range he wanted them. As Wemnar struck out using radiant damage the skeleton was hurt badly, passing the pain threshold that a more seasoned party would have recognized and distanced themselves from.

The skeleton shattered, unleashing bone fragments into almost the entire group. Lilah, the Psyonic that rarely moves, was rewarded this day, as she was out of range of the shards of bone. The rest of the party was not so lucky, however. Most of the party was now bloodied, Wemnar just barely hanging on to death did not look good, leaning on a wall for support.

Starke now moved in to what, at the time seemed like a good idea. He positioned himself for the kill and landed a devastating blow. Seeing that Torment was not in range and Akron, the Warlock, had been on cold streak most of the evening, Starke looked to the fate of the gods and used another action. His action accomplished exactly what he wanted it to do, but yet again, it was the young band of adventurers that would gain the knowledge that may keep them alive in the future.

As Starke landed the killing blow, the rest of the skeleton’s body exploded into a mass of bone shards, obliterating the group. Torment’s quick reflexes allowed her to scramble out of the way, but Wemnar and Akron were not so lucky. Both dropped to the floor unconscious from the pain.

Making quick work of the remaining lesser skeletons the party healed up their falling comrades. Surveying the devastation of the room, the party searched the room, finding not much of value, save for a few tapestries. They did however find an additional hostage just down the second hall that entered this room. At which time, the party unanimously agreed it was time for another extended rest.



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