Violent Tides

Adventuring we will go...

Gathering the information they needed, the party headed north to the old crypt under castle Rivenroar.

Finding it odd that there were no patrols as they made their way to the entrance, the party soon discovered why. As they descended the stairs into the first room, they were met by several hobgoblins and goblin sharpshooters. It seems the “not-so-smart” goblinoids learned to use features of the dungeon that used to be used as a way to impress visitors to the crypts, as a defensive tool.

While the hobgoblins engaged the the party in melee combat, one of the sharpshooters opened the nearby doors, causing the rooms braziers to move, shooting fire back and forth across the room.

The party dispatched hideous creatures room after room, meeting foes the likes of that they never imagined. As they made their way through another room, it seemed a good time to break and replenish their powers. Searching the room, they found stairs leading down to some jail cells, one containing a member of the townsfolk they were looking for.



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